Roll With Us
Our IT teammates have courage, character and a fierce imagination and we're looking for more of it. Bring yours and roll with us.
We've grown a lot since our humble beginnings in 1894, and we wouldn't be where we are today without the hard work and creative problem solving of our IT teammates. Their courage, character and imagination truly take our company to the next level.

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Why We're Different

Outstanding Benefits
Awesome 401k
Community Involvement
At McLane, we treat our teammates like family! That's why we offer comprehensive medical plans that provide our valued teammates and their loved ones with protection they deserve. In addition, McLane offers various perks like educational reimbursement, employee assistance programs and teammate discounts and offers.
McLane teammates receive as much as a $1.50 per dollar invested in their 401K. The number is based on yearly profitability and is in addition to a discretionary match of 3-4% of eligible pay.
The McLane team truly cares about the communities in which we live and work. We are proud of our teammates who donate their time and money to their communities. As a result, we have raised over $94 million dollars for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and additional funds for United Way.

Pam Davis | HR Manager
McLane Cincinnati

"McLane is a great company that upholds its beliefs and values. Every day I come to work and am surrounded by hardworking, easygoing and happy teammates. I enjoy working in foodservice! The work is stable- people will always need to eat!"

Robert Gaylor | Driver
McLane Albany

"I've been a driver at McLane for many years. We are a small distribution center and everyone works well together. If you have problems you're not far from someone who can help you out. The four-day work week and the flexibility in my schedule allows me to spend more time at home, which is a big plus! I enjoy developing relationships with our customers, the exercise that comes with the job and the challenge and pride that comes with unloading a full truck on time and safely."

Franklin Whiddon | Supervisor
McLane Southeast

"The best thing about working at McLane is the culture of teamwork that the company promotes. This culture instills a sense of pride in every teammate and encourages teammates to build upon successful outcomes. From our CEO on down, everyone takes pride in a company that has set the standard in our industry."

Mclane company is an equal opportunity employer